Wednesday 4 February 2015

Almond Cookies (2015 CNY cookie #4)

Oh Gosh ! the bake list for my 2015 CNY cookies is getting longer and longer ... Sometimes it's "the mind vs heart".  I wish I could just "ding" with a magic wand and all my desired cookies just appear on the table in split seconds!  How nice!

I like almond cookies.  So, definitely this is my "to-bake list".  I first saw this recipe posted in Aunty Young's post and really felt very encouraged when she replied my comment "since you have bookmarked few recipes then start to bake! Don't let me be alone. Come on, more people more merrier !"
I'm so motivated and immersed in the festive mood now! Especially after I've baked Pork Floss Cookies, Sesame Peanut Butter Cookies and the recent Pineapple Tarts ... really starting the 'dough' rolling for the more the merrier in baking CNY cookies !

Recipe source : Aunty Young
Also shared by Esther and Joceline

Almond Cookies (杏仁酥)
Ingredients (Yields about 58 pcs)
110g almond powder (I used Almond blanched powder superfined)
165g cake flour
50g icing sugar
3/4 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp baking soda
1/4 tsp salt
85g corn oil

Egg wash : 1 egg yolk + 1 tsp water as I preferred lighter colour.

Method :
Mix ingredients together, then pour in corn oil and knead into a dough.

Divide the dough into 8g each, shape them into balls (grease your palm if necessary) and arrange on baking tray.

Brush with egg yolk, then spinkle some chopped almond on top.

Preheat oven at 160°C, bake for 20 minutes.
* the oven temperature may vary, do adjust accordingly.

Done ! It took me slightly more than hour to finish baking this batch of almond cookies.

My big kids commented that these cookies tasted soft, very nice and full of almond fragrance too.

Well, another easy to bake but yummy-licious CNY cookies ^-^!

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  1. Hi Karen,
    Wow, you're such a good girl! You really did make the cookies! Haha,

    1. Thank you Aunty Young, your motivation set me in CNY cookies baking 'the more the merrier mood' ^-^!

  2. Hi Karen,

    Just one hour to bake this jar of delicious cookies... You are very efficient leh... Must bake more :p


  3. Good day Karen! Your almond cookies look awesome.Thank you for linking. Looking forward to see more of your delish CNY goodies.

  4. Hahaha isnt it true? We just wished all the cookies appear before us within split seconds.. n i wish the same for urs to me as well... heh heh

    Thanks for linking to best recipes

  5. Karen, if there was such a magic wand I would ding, ding, ding everyday hah..hah... Love your cookies! Your are so into the cookie baking mood :)

    1. Thanks Phong Hong. Ha hah 'ding ding' everyday not just fabulous cookies ... $$$ too ! We'll be rich ya !

  6. I also need to start baking my CNY cookies tmr.. keep procrastinating:P

    1. Hi Yen, guess once start the momentum, will continue to bake more CNY cookies!

  7. Hi Karen,,,this cookies is in my baking list too. My list is getting longer and I wonder whether if I am able to do it.

    1. Aiyoh Cecilia, baking should be fun & happy, don't stress yourself ^-^!

  8. I love the look of these cookies!

  9. Oh wow, Karen! You are such the baker, lol...I must pass this recipe on to my daughter via Pinterest. She baked my grandson Almon Butter Cookies with Maple syrup and he had an allergy reaction to the Maple syrup. Perhaps he will be able to eat these. (he has had his peanut butter taken away from him while he is being tested:)

    Thank you so much for sharing, Karen...Can't wait to see what next on your baking list:)

    1. Hi Louise, you're welcome!
      My girl was allergy to peanut & egg when she was toddler but had outgrown it.
      This almond cookie is easy to attempt and leave out the egg wash if he's allergy to egg.

    2. My daughter said next time she bakes almond cookies, she is going to try this recipe minus the egg wash. Thanks again, Karen...

  10. Hi Karen,I also wish to have a magic wand too,too many cookies have to bake but still not finish yet..haha

    1. Hee hee Fion, happy baking but don't stress yourself too much ok.

  11. Hi Karen,
    If you have the magic wand, I would like to borrow from you! LOL!
    I am not making cookies this year, maybe one, as I am totally short of time. Got to fetch the kids to and from school, and with their extra activities and classes, I am rushing to cook on most days! It's one pot pasta meal for dinner today!
    Your cookies looks great, and am making me wish I have the time to bake some cookies!!!

    1. Hi Joyce,
      Thanks. I understand as I've been through this stage too. I'm baking small quantity for the family. Can't bake too many on weekends as I've got the weekend household chores to do. Ya really wish to have a magic wand lol :)

  12. A magic wand! That will come in handy. Although I don't have to ferry kids to school, I too bake in small quantities, prefer different types rather than quantity. Your almond cookies look sooo good!

    1. Hi Cheah, yes agree and got more variety of cookies to enjoy.
      Thanks for your compliment ^-^!

  13. Hi Karen lovely cookies! If you ever find that wand that goes DING and cookies appear, please tell me! :P


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