Thursday 28 August 2014

Kueh Jagung

I've made this kueh together with my sister and our late mom a few times. Sometimes used sliced banana or sweet corn. But I was young then (teenager) and "playful" in the kitchen, so I could only remember banana leaves, pandan leaves, coconut milk and those cylindrical Hoon Kueh powder. But the cooking was mostly done by my sis and mom ... so what did I do then ? .... I was tasked to 'anyhow' cut the pieces of banana leaves in squarish or rectangular sizes. When I joined in wrapping the mixture with banana leaves, I also 'anyhow' wrap them ... quickly 'dump' them in the fridge and just waiting to eat ... LOL !

And now I have to quickly ask my sister for help. But she couldn't remember the exact recipe that our late mom used but she has a recipe that she learned in the cooking class in community center. The recipe could be modified slightly and used for the Corn Kueh or Kueh Jagung that I wanted to make.

When she sent me the recipe via Watsapp ... I burst into laughter and we really had some hilarious exchanges :
Me :Gosh ! ... typewriter age ? ... ha haa!
Sis : Ya this recipe very long ago ... since 1999, I learnt from community center cooking class ... ha ha ! OK, not bad, nice !
Me : Yea I can see that ... "wah biah" gosh ! Space 1999 (our childhood TV series) ... wah haa ha!

I omitted the Agar Agar powder,  {I don’t think my late mom used agar agar powder} and "agak agak" estimated the quantity to make some.

Kueh Jagung
About 40g of sweet corn
80g Hoon Kueh Powder (Some packaging may label it as Green Bean Flour)
100ml coconut milk
50g white sugar (add more if you preferred sweeter)
250ml water
Pinch of salt
Some pandan leaves

Cut some banana leaves for wrapping. Again ... I 'anyhow' cut the leaves in rectangular sizes. Soaked the banana leaves in warm water for about 15 minutes. Drain and wipe the leaves dry.

1. In a pot, mix the Hoon Kueh powder, sugar, coconut milk, water and stir or whisk it lightly till dissolved and smooth.
(When I poured the Hoon Kueh powder ... Oh no ! Green Hornet ... Incredible Hulk ! why green colour ?! It didn't indicate green colour on packaging. Later I realised that the wordings in green meant as green colour Hoon Kueh powder)

2. Cook with low flame, add sweet corn, salt and pandan leaves and stir continuously till it slightly thickened. Off the the flame.

3. Place about 3 tablespoons of the slightly thickened mixture on the banana leaf and wrap it.
(Hee hee ... perhaps I didn't soak the banana leaves long enough ... it cracked when folded ... fret not ... here comes the rubber band to the rescue !)

4. Chill in the fridge for an hour or more. Served cold.

Again my big kids were surprised with these kuehs ...

Girl : nice ! but why these kuehs not in white colour that we used to buy ?
Mom: hmm ... I like to be creative to have some nice green colour, can?  LOL >~<

We enjoyed these chilled nice pandan and coconut fragrance sweet dessert.
Will try the banana kueh ... must make sure to get the right colour (white) Hoon Kueh powder!

Have a nice weekend ^-^!


  1. Hi Karen! This reminds me of the kueh my late grandaunts used to make and sell. Theirs was made with bananas and I used to enjoy eating those kueh when I was a child. It's great that you can make the kueh for your kids to enjoy!

  2. I like it when it serves chilled... sweet :)

  3. Hey Karen, haven't seen any typewriter notes for so long...your sis has kept her notes well! I would like to have one jagung kueh for my afternoon tea please? ;)

    1. Ha ha ! Sure, my pleasure! I've asked my sis to dig some more kueh recipes for me.

  4. Karen...1999...that's like wahooo, 15 years ago... is indeed a pretty long time ago...
    But nevertheless, this recipe serves well and you have gotten a lovely kueh jagung... I liked to have one too ^^

  5. Hi Karen,that's the benefits when we cook our self, we can choose what colors we like in our food ,rite?
    nice kueh you had made

    1. Thanks Fion, will definitely try banana version with this recipe ^-^!

  6. I remember the series Space 1999 and at that time I never miss an episode. And this typewriter note also bring back some memories too...... I bet this kueh jaging must be good ...... else you wouldnt have ask your sis to search this recipe for you.

    1. Oh Mel you too watched Space 1999 ?! So we are the same era ! LOL !Hee hee! Yes, I really missed my late mom's fabulous yummy food ... all kinds from Indonesian food, Chinese food to Nyonya kuehs ... need to find time to "revive" some good old recipes!

  7. Hi Karen,
    You made me smile! I have those type of typewritten recipe notes still in my files! And they are over 3 decades old! LOL! Wanted to dispose of them a few months ago, but so "sayang", sentimental value! Hahaha! So they are still in my files!
    Your kueh jagung looks yummy, nowadays kids do not know of kuehs like this, they only know macarons and chocolate cakes! I always tell myself month after month to make some local kuehs, but most of them involve steaming and I hate steaming! Maybe one day, when I'm in the mood! :)
    Thanks for sharing your lovely kueh!

  8. Thanks Joyce. Yes understand sentimental value that holds us dearly. Just like some of my favourite yummy food that I enjoyed in my childhood or teenage years... specially made by mom ... must find time to revive and introduce some recipes to my family too.

  9. Hi, Karen...your sister still keeping this recipe until now, means it is really a good one...I smile when I read your post, I still remember I had a typewrite at home to learn typing long long ago...

  10. Jozelyn, oh yes, my late father also bought a manual typewriter for this sister to learn typing ... I also play with it but very hard to type especially using last fingers ... glad this typewriter note brings back some of your fond memories ^-^!

  11. A friend gave me tubes of Hoon Kueh, and I miss the Sweet Corn and the Pisang cakes. But I can’t get banana leaves to wrap, or pandan leaves to cook. Can I use pandan flavoring, and just pour mixture in glass dish to cool, refrigerate, and serve? Maybe I can add a drop of banana flavoring (if I can find it)! Thank you for your recipe - will try it out “Ang Mo” style!


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