Saturday 24 January 2015

Pork Floss Cookies (2015 CNY cookie #1)

I started baking some Chinese New Year (CNY) cookies last year. I remembered my 1st attempts in baking German Cookies, Melting Moment etc. Homemade cookies definitely tasted better as compared to some store bought. What I like is that I could adjust the sweetness or ingredients to suit my taste. Of course, my constraint is "not enough time" to bake all the desired recipes that I wanted. Could only add 2 to 3 types of homemade CNY cookies with few varieties of store bought cookies for our CNY celebration.

I have not tasted this savoury Pork Floss cookie and not sure if it would be well received by my family. So for this trial CNY cookie, I halved the recipe. Well, these savoury cookies are very crunchy, tasty and addictive. Will definitely be baking more cos for sure this batch will not last till Chinese New Year .... hee.. hee !

Recipe adapted from Cosybites

Makes about 50 bite-sized cookies
113 gram unsalted butter (softened at room temperature)
40 gram caster sugar
1/2 an egg
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
150 gram all-purpose flour
Pinch of salt
50 gram pork floss - original soft type (can be replaced with chicken floss)

1) Line baking sheet/tray with parchment paper, set aside.

2) In a large mixing bowl, cream together the butter and sugar with the electric mixer on medium speed until light and fluffy (about 4 to 5 minutes).

3) Beat in the egg and vanilla extract. Combine the flour, salt and pork floss; stir into the sugar mixture with a spatula.

4) Divide dough into a 2 portions. Place each portion in cling wrap and roll into a log of approximately 2in diameter. Wrap tightly in cling wrap and chill for at least one hour. If you are going to use a cookie cutter, flatten the dough into a square or rectangle before chilling.

5) Preheat oven to 180°C. Position the rack in the center of the oven. Remove dough from cling wrap and cut into small pieces of 1 cm thick, make round balls and flattened slightly. Alternatively, cut out shapes with cookie cutter.
(I shaped the cookie dough in round balls, flattened slightly and pressed lightly with a cookie cutter imprint some shapes).

6) Place cookies on a baking sheet/tray, space them about 1apart. Bake for 15 minutes, or until lightly brown at the edges. Remove the cookies from baking tray to wire rack to cool completely. Store them in airtight container.

Oh dear me ! I was 'popping' one after another of these pork floss cookies while they were on the cooling rack ^-^!

This recipe is pretty easy to attempt. If you're looking for something savoury for CNY, perhaps try this recipe!

Happy Baking ^-^!

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  1. homemade cookies are definitely always the best.. especially savoury ones ~ how often can we find these in supermarkets?

    am sure these must be addictive with the difference in flavours. i'd love to pop some if i was there ;)

    thank you for linking to Best Recipes

    1. Hi Victoria,
      Thank you as co-host for this event ^-^!

  2. Karen, I agree that our homemade cookies are the best! And I do love popping cookies straight from the rack because they are extra extra tasty while still warm hee..hee... I have not tried savory cookies before so this cookie of yours should be interesting.

    1. Hi Phong Hong,
      Having tried this savoury recipe, I must say it's very addictive.

  3. For a change from the sweet cookies, bet this savoury ones must be yum... no doubt about it!

    1. Thanks Mel. Think it's good to have some savoury ones as mostly CNY cookies are sweet stuff.

  4. Totally agree that savoury cookies like this will bring a balance to the many sweet treats during CNY! Yummy cookies!!

    1. Yes LY, and glad my big kids enjoyed it as they prefer sweet cookies.

  5. Thanks for sharing this savour recipe. Something different from the norm!

  6. I believed that the cookies must be full with pork floss aroma,sure yummy!
    Thanks for sharing!

  7. I tried once a premix flour call Thai Style Fried Rice Cookies,it's full with floss,bubble rice & sesame,your cookies are similar with that,and I searching for that recipe,thanks for sharing :)
    And thanks for linking with Best Recipes too

    1. You're welcome, Fion ^-^! Hope you'll like this similar recipe that you're looking for.

  8. An interesting bake,think i may want to try this CNY. Thanks.

  9. hi , is it using half of whole egg or u mean one or two eggs?


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