Monday 7 September 2015

Cranberry Snowskin with Green Tea Green Bean Paste

Ever since my 1st attempt in making snowskin mooncakes last year, my big kids have been asking would I be making the mooncake again. With store bought snowskin premix flour, Kao Fen and ready lotus paste, it's not too difficult to make some presentable and delicious mooncakes as gifts too. This time, I tried out 2 different flavours. I saw some hotels selling cranberry snowskin mooncakes .... not sure of the recipe but I supposed just add some cranberry juice to the snowskin premix flour ?  Anyway, I have a can of cranberry sauce in the pantry ... hmm ... added some to the liquid mixture ... added some dried cranberries to the green tea green bean paste.  I'm not sure if would be a "good match" for this combination.  Anyway, there's always a "first time" ... tada ... here's Cranberry Snowskin with Green Tea Green Bean Paste ! lol ! But it really tasted good ... love the tangy bits of cranberries that compliment well with the sugar free green tea green bean paste (though sugar free, the sweetness is just right for us).  I was also very surprised that my big kids liked this green tea green bean paste mooncakes.  (usually their faces would turned "green" if I cooked/baked something with Matcha >o<)

Cranberry Snowskin with Green Tea Green Bean Paste
Makes 9 big mooncakes, 115 grams each

Ingredients for cranberry snowskin dough :
50 grams Kao Fen
250 grams Snowskin premix flour (Redman premix powder)

To make the hot liquid mixture:
300ml water
80 grams cranberry sauce
30 grams icing sugar (sifted)
40 grams soft margarine

For filling :
450 grams Green Tea Green Bean paste (sugar free)
35 grams dried cranberries roughly chopped, soaked in hot water to soften, drained and pat dry with kitchen towel.
10 grams melon seeds lightly toasted, set aside to cool.
Mix the dried cranberries & melon seeds evenly to the paste.

Extra Kao Fen for dusting.

1) In a clean big bowl, combine the Kao Fen and snowskin premix flour and set aside.

2) Combine the water, icing sugar, cranberry sauce and margarine in a small pot to make the hot liquid mixture. Mix well and boil with low flame. Stirring occasionally with a metal spoon and bring to a boil.

3) Obtain 250ml hot liquid mixture and pour gradually to the flour. Use spatula to stir and mix the mixture to form a soft dough and leave it to cool slightly. Knead the dough again while it's still warm to a obtain smoother texture.
*add more cooked glutinous flour to it if the dough is still too sticky.

To assemble the mooncake :
Filling : 55 grams x 9 pcs - Knead each portion a little to form a ball.
Dough : 60 grams x 9 pcs - Knead each portion a little to form a ball, dust with a little Kao Fen to prevent sticky to fingers/hands.

1) Flatten the snowskin dough on your palm or roll it with a small roller pin.
2) Place a ball of paste in the middle and slowly wrap it up using the snowskin dough to form a mooncake ball.
3) Lightly dust the mooncake ball and mooncake mould with Kao Fen before pushing it into the mould. I used a plastic spring-loaded mooncake mould. Make sure that the edges are pressed evenly into the mould. Dislodged and repeat the process.
4) Immediately chill the mooncakes in an airtight container for several hours or overnight before consumption.

Looked presentable. Glad to receive good feedback for this flavour as I've given some as gifts to my sisters and brought some to office for my colleagues.
I've also made Pandan Snowskin with Custard and Pure Lotus paste filling ... to be shared in another separate post.

Here's wishing all ... 
Happy & Blessed Mid Autumn Festive Season
祝您和家人, 中秋佳节愉快!


  1. Hi Karen,
    Cranberry and green tea?
    Sounds good ! Wish I can have a bite cause I love both cranberry and green tea.

  2. Karen, you are very good, making your own mooncakes! Generally, I only like to drink green tea but not very keen for desserts or cakes. However, having said that, I think your mooncake is lovely and is as good looking and possibly better tasting that the store bought ones!

  3. Sounds good and special for a change for the green tea green bean filling.

    1. Hi Mel, yes it's the 1st time I used green tea green bean paste. Glad it turned out well.

  4. Nice snowskin mooncakes. Not so used to green tea for moon cakes but I love plenty of melon seeds in the paste. Your mooncakes look very professional!

    1. Thanks ... still need more practice to obtain much better shapes ^-^!

  5. Hi Karen, This is nice combination with cranberry and green tea. Wish I can try some :)

  6. Hi Karen,

    Funny that your kids' faces turn green when you cooked or baked something with Matcha... My son thought that everything is green is pandan!!! LOL!

    Great job for making these fantastic looking cranberry green tea mooncakes :D


    1. Hi Zoe,
      I cannot fool my big kids as they like pandan fragrance but not Matcha :(
      Thanks for the compliment ... very encouraging to me :)

  7. Hi Karen, this is one combination with I haven't tried. Thanks for sharing. Bookmarked.

    1. Hi Kimmy, you're most welcome and thanks for your compliment too.

  8. Hi Karen, these are beautiful, love the green tea and cranberry combination!

    1. Hi Cheri, Thanks ^-^ I like it too ... glad this combo it turned out well !


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