Sunday 29 March 2015

Hainanese Coconut Kueh - E-Bua

I loved this kueh when I was a young adult. It is amongst the variety of local kuehs selling in the market food/kueh stalls and most coffee shops. I like the fillings ... sweet fragrance of pandan, Gula Melaka (coconut palm sugar), crunchy ground peanuts and coconut. It was after some years later I got to know that this is the Hainanese traditional kueh often consume during some festive celebrations and on birthdays.

When I plan to make this kueh, I immediately contacted my baking 'kaki' (good friend), who's a Hainanese to get some advice on making the kueh. Hee ... hee... oh she replied that she didn't know how to make this kueh! Opps ... but she likes it too.

Oh ! Her birthday falls in March (shared the same birthdate with my girl), I definitely want to share with her ... my attempt in making Hainanese Coconut Kueh (E-Bua)

Recipe adapted from :

Below my version with slight changes made:-
Hainanese Coconut Kueh - E-Bua
Yields about 23 - 25 pcs.
Fillings :
Ingredients A
Gula melaka : 125g (chopped small pieces)
Water : 25g
Pandan leaves : 5 pcs (washed clean, bundled and tie knots)
Ginger : 1 small pc (smashed and chopped finely)
Grounded peanuts : 50g
White sesame seeds : 30g
Grated white coconut : 200g
Plain flour : 1 tablespoon, mix in 2 tablespoonfuls of water.

1) In a cooking pot, mix water, gula melaka, ginger and pandan leaves cook over low flame till gula melaka dissolved.

2) Add in the grated white coconut and stir well about 4 - 5 minutes. Add in grounded peanuts and white sesame seeds, stir well. Add in the plain flour mixture to thicken the grated coconut. Bring to a boil and off the flame.

3) Dish up and cool before shaping into individual balls of about 25g each.

Dough :
Glutinous rice flour : 300g (sifted)
Coconut milk : 180g
Warm water :  100g
White sugar : 80g
Corn oil : 25g
A pinch of salt

#Some banana leaves cut into small pieces.
*Corn oil : 2 tablespoon for glazing.

1) Place glutinous rice flour into a mixing bowl.

2) Slowly add in the warm water (see my notes **) and mix well with a wooden or metal spoon.

3) Next, add in corn oil and coconut milk and knead by hand to form a soft and smooth dough (about 3 - 4 minutes).

4) Cover with cloth and rest for 20 minutes.
5) Divide dough into 30g each.

6) Slightly flatten each dough ball. Place the rolled filling ball in the centre of the dough. Seal the edges and shape it again in a round shape. Have some cut banana leaves. Put the wrapped dough on top of a piece of banana leaf. Flattened it slightly again.
 * oil your hands lightly with cooking oil if you find it too sticky to handle.

7) For individual's preference to make a red dot by dipping a tooth-pick with some permitted red food colouring.  Make a dot on the dough.

8) Heat up the steamer with water. Arrange the kuehs in the steamer (by batches), cover with lid and steam over medium flame for about 10 minutes.

9) Remove, brush the kueh with corn oil while it’s still hot.

** my notes:
To avoid the dough texture too runny, I added half the amount of warm water, then the coconut milk. Gradually add the remaining warm water to reach the smooth consistency texture.

Packed some and delivered to my friend with my birthday blessing ^-^! Glad that she liked the kuehs and given some good comments.

Here, having my afternoon break with yummy Hainanese Coconut Kueh ^-^!


A Tribute To Our Founding Father Of Singapore 

Today, 29 March 2015 is a very special day for me and for the people of Singapore. Today is my son's 19th birthday ... also the final farewell to the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew, Sinapore's first Prime Minister and the founding father of a nation. 

A small card penned down our gratitude presented when we were paying our respects to the late Mr Lee at the Parliament House.

Mr Lee will be sadly missed by all of us ... the whole nation ... but he will forever be remembered by all of us ... forever a legacy!


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  1. Hi Karen
    I loves this kueh so much but there was a time when I bought it and after eating it I had a food poisoning; and thereafter never dare to try buying kueh with coconut filling anymore. Wish you can invite me a cup of tea and enjoying this hainanese kueh.

    1. Hi Mel,
      Yeah I would love to have tea and share this Hainanese kueh with you.
      Kuehs especially made with coconut may have been contaminated due to our humid and hot weather.
      Well, make some to enjoy!

  2. Karen, that's a nice kueh you made! It must be delicious with the yummy coconut filling.

    The late Mr Lee Kuan Yew's passing is a great loss indeed. It is good that you were able to pay tribute and last respects.

    1. Thanks Phong Hong. I used to grab this Hainanese kueh for my breakfast on the way to work. Now could only consume once in a blue moon due to digestion of glutinous rice.
      Thanks for your kind words, Phong Hong. Indeed a great farewell sent-off, still ... we all felt the loss for the most respectful person.

  3. 原来这是海南糕点之一呢。 真是谢谢你的分享。。。 我又学到了。

  4. Hi Karen,my mom used to make this kueh when I was small, we love it so much! I just know this is Hainanese traditional kueh, thanks for sharing :)

    1. Hi Esther, me too... have been eating this kueh but only after some years later know it's origin ... hee hee ^-^!

  5. Hi Karen, I've never tried this kueh before. Look delicious, definitely want to make some one of these days. Thanks for sharing :)

  6. Love this kuih so muCH!could I have some?

  7. What a delightful find, this recipe, at your blog. Bookmarked!


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