Sunday 19 January 2014

I baked my first birthday cake

Today is my birthday. It's just like any other weekend with the usual routines like doing household chores, groceries shopping, cooking and washing etc. etc.
But today is slightly different, not because it's my birthday.  Yesterday, my girl sprained her ankle during her basketball practice in her school. Her  coach brought her for physiotherapy and needed follow-up review today. So, the original plan for a family lunch celebration has to be call-off as I need to bring her for the physiotherapy appointment at 2:30pm. As she has been advised to 'walk less', my boy (17 years old) helped to cook simple delicious spaghetti for the family while I baked the cake. A small 2 layered sponge cake with some fruits toppings to share with family. Happy Birthday to me!

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