Friday, 31 January 2014

CNY 1st day breakfast for the family

I always have those fond memories of Chinese New Year celebrations during my childhood days (perhaps aged 6 to 10).  Not so much about playing with fire crackers though (kampung days) before the ban imposed. On the 1st day, my mother would wake up early around 5:30am in the morning to prepare breakfast for the family.  I could still remember some of those specially made dishes like steamed yam cake (芋头糕), steamed glutinous rice with chinese sausages and peanuts (糯米饭), fried noodle or bee hood etc.  When we woke up, the nice fragrance food were still hot layed on the dining table. So, obviously the children had to quickly wash up, changed to our new year wear and honour our CNY well wishes and blessings to our parents before the start of our hearty breakfast.   As an adult, I do helpout the preparation of CNY breakfast occasionally until I got married.  Due to time constraint, working life and the need to look after the young kids, some of these traditional homemade dishes "no longer exists" when we would settled with quick and easy breakfast like butter cookies, cereal or sandwiches etc. Afterwhich, the family would be out the whole day for CNY visitation to relatives' places.  This year, I would like to bring back some of those fond memories of traditional CNY dish ... I made the steamed glutinous rice using my mother's recipe but modified the ingredients slightly.  Instead of adding the Chinese sausages (腊肠) and peanuts, I used BBQ pork (肉干)and roasted cashew nuts instead.  Feeling so blessed that my family enjoyed this special cooked breakfast this morning.

Steamed glutinous rice with BBQ pork & cashew nuts 
Ingredients: 4 - 5 servings
Glutinous rice (sweet rice) 250g
Soaked with water overnight
Dried mushrooms 5 - 7 pcs soaked with warm water till soften. Diced.
BBQ sliced pork 2 pcs - cut small bit size.
Roasted Cashew nuts - about 20g
Garlic 2 - 3 pcs crushed
Cooking oil 2 tablespoons

Seasoning mixture
Water 80ml
2 tablespoons dark soya sauce
1 tablespoon light soya sauce
1 tablespoon sesame oil
A pinch of salt, dash of white pepper.

Some spring onions for garnish

1) Glutinous rice - Drain the water and set aside.
2) Prepare the steamer.
3) Heat wok or pan (medium flame) add cooking oil.  Add in the crushed garlics till fragrant.  Add in the mushrooms and stir-fry about 1 min.
4) Pour in the glutinous rice stir-fry about 1 min. Pour in the seasoning mixture. Continue to stir fry another 5 mins. Add in the BBQ pork & cashew nuts and combine thoroughly.
5) Transfer the rice to a metal or heat proof plate.
6) Place in steamer and steam for about 25 mins.

Serve hot. Garnish with some spring onions when serving.
迎新春、过新年!May the new year brings you good health & fortunes always.

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