Saturday 22 February 2014

A sweet weekend ... Fruit tarts & fruity fondue dinner

Today is my 22nd wedding anniversary.  I sent an ecard to my hubby this morning... Hopefully he remembers this special day. Well, there is no celebration for us as he works overseas. The usual weekend for me to cook some homemade dishes for the family.
The morning groceries shopping as usual and bought some fruits ... Banana, strawberry, blueberry, honey melon ... Yeah a fruity day and decided to make fruit tarts. I have not tried baking fresh fruit tarts.  Hmm... There are many fruit tarts recipes ... Decided to use the recipe with easy to follow instructions.  As I have baked pies, so think I should be able to handle the baking of tarts though it is my first attempt. Yummy ! A thumb up from my son! The tarts are delicious !
Sweet fruity tart and a cup of hot coffee for my quiet afternoon break.

So, what's next for our dinner? 
Ham & mushrooms creamy cheese macaroni plus a big platter of fruits fondue!
Well, it's a sweet quiet and peaceful weekend afterall ...

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