Saturday 15 February 2014

Double 'V' occasion ... Dinner for 4

14 Feb is known around the world as the "day of love" - Valentine's Day. This year 14.02.2014 is also the Chinese Lantern Festival (元宵节), the Chinese Valentine as well as marking the last day of the Chinese New Year celebration. The two celebrations fall on the same day only once every 19 years. 
For me, it is not an occasion to celebrate Valentine as my hubby works overseas. But since it is the last day of the CNY, I decided to cook some simple 'east meets west' dinner for the family.
I reached home almost 6pm after knocked off immediately from work.  I have to start the preparation and cooking immediately ... Plus a request from my teens to make some sweet dumplings dessert (汤圆), a traditional Chinese dessert symbolizes sweet reunion as a family.  Well, good thing is that these dumplings could be bought from the supermarket frozen section. All I need is just to make the soup base with some rock sugar, ginger and pan dan leaves. It really saved me the time.
To have some festival mood for the menu, I decided to bake some Quiche with BBQ sliced pork (bak kwa) toppings, fried egg noodles with BBQ and sweet dumplings dessert. Well, as usual, we enjoyed a wonderful meal ... on the double 'V' day.

quiche & sweet dumplings dessert
A friend of mine shared a recipe for Quiche, I made some slight modifications :-

Quiche (makes about 12 muffin foil case)
Flour 190g (multi-purpose or plain flour)
Cold butter 90g
Water 35ml

1) Sift flour & a pitch of salt in large bowl.
2) Cut cold butter in small cubes or pieces, pour into flour.
3) Rub the butter with flour (rub in method using fingers not palm) till crumbly consistency.
4) Add in water to desired consistency.
5) Mix into dough - a light smooth paste and rest it least 30 mins before cutting/dividing the dough into smaller portion. Prepare the *choice ingredients and set aside.
6) Divide and weigh dough into smaller balls. {27g each for muffin foil case}
7) Fill dough into foil case. Rest 5 - 10 mins before tidying the edge.  While waiting, prepare the **quiche filling**.

Fill the case base with cheese and choice ingredients (slightly 3/4 full).

Pour Quiche filling into case 3/4 full. Top with some cheese and bake about 35 mins at 180 degree pre heat oven.

**Quiche filling**
1 egg
Fresh milk 75ml
Whip cream 60ml
Beat egg, liquid and sift. Set aside.

Mozzarella cheese & choice* ingredients like ham, bacon, button mushrooms, onions <*all cut in small pieces and set aside>

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