Monday 28 April 2014

Travel diary ... back to Shanghai

It's been 3 long years since my last working trip to Shanghai. I was on a 3-day business trip to Shanghai last week. Well, scheduled with packed BTB 2 full days meetings.

It's spring season now. Ha ha 我和春天有个约会! The weather was cool and sunny in the day but rainy in evening.  I love the cool breeze and we took a stroll in the small garden during lunch break that's within the industry in Pudong.

Lovely bright red flowers
Chirpy birds singing ... I love the maple leaves
A small walking path with beautiful green, yellow,  maroon colour leaves, led us to the fish pond ... the garden was really quiet and peaceful.  An escape from the hectic and hustle city life.
Koi fishes dancing happily in the pond! 
On the 3rd day before departure,  I met up with an old friend for brunch in Puxi - Gubei 古北 before heading to Pudong airport.  My favourite tea house避风塘. It was a short but good catch up cos it has been ages since we last met. 避风塘 served Cantonese Hong Kong dim sum and savory snacks like fried beef hor fun, chee cheong fun, fried carrot cakes etc. I missed the chee cheong fun (steamed rice rolls) that served with peanut sauce. Hee hee, perhaps I should learn how to make chee cheong fun one day ?!? 再见了上海.
Fried carrot cake and chee cheong fun


  1. Karen, how lovely to have a trip to Shanghai! Oh, I love chee cheong fun too but I have not eaten it for ages. Rather unique with peanut sauce. Have not tried anything like that before.

    1. Hi Phong Hong, oh yes it's unique way of eating chee cheong fun with creamy peanut sauce which is common in Hong Kong. And I don't find that in Singapore too ^-^

  2. Hi Karen,

    This is an interesting way of eating chee cheong fun. Was in Shanghai a year before but never try this :p


    1. Hi Zoe, I stayed in Shanghai (Hong Qiao/Gubei) for 2 years 10 years ago. I was not used to the local shanghainese food/snacks and Bifeng Tang tea house served Hong Kong dim sum 小吃was one of my fav eateries.


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