Saturday, 10 May 2014

Mother's Day dinner with lots of love

This post is not about recipe sharing on the food I've cooked or attempted.

Last year, for the first time my teens offered to cook sumptuous dinner on Mother's Day. Sure, why not as I could get a rest .. so 'Mom's not cooking'. Recalled that when they were preparing and cooking the food, I was walking in and out of the kitchen. Of course I was afraid that they might cut their fingers while cutting the meat, they would burn down the kitchen etc. etc ... ha haa ! Until I got chased out ... so I "waited patiently" at the dining area for dinner to be served. Yes, yummy dinner in remembrance.

Since then I looked forward to a hearty sumptuous Mother's Day dinner celebration at home ... specially cooked by my lovely teens.

Same for this year ... we shopped and bought the ingredients in the supermarket after lunch. He spent the evening in the kitchen... busy with the preparation.
My big boy was the chef ... Here's a picture of him "chef in action"
Here's the dinner menu:
Shepherd's Pie
Pan fried pork chops & sausages
Salad with toasted walnuts
Dessert - canned longan with strawberries

My girl had an event to attend, so she helped to prepare dessert when she reached home. Canned longan in heavy syrup added some fresh strawberries.

I was surprised to see a small cake box in the fridge.  On her way home, my girl bought this cake from The Icing Room. Customers could make their cake designs and decor.

Yes a homely yummy dinner with lots of love.

Wishing all mothers who dropped by this blog a Blessed and Happy Mother's Day ! Best wishes from Karen.


  1. Your chef really has talent in baking & cooking! Happy Mothers Day to You!

  2. Karen, what more can a mother ask for, eh? It's great that your kids take to the kitchen on Mother's Day to cook you a wonderful dinner. Happy Mother's Day!

  3. Hi Karen
    You are so blessed to have your children to cook for you! You must be beaming with wide smile when you sit down and enjoying the homecooked the food; cooked with love.I really love shepherd's pie.

    1. Oh...oh....would your son freak out when he know you posted the pic when he is in action in the kitchen? hehehehehehe.......

    2. Hi Mel, thanks for visiting. Yes enjoyed to the last bits of the food. My son won't freak out ... after I have posted, shared & told them I dedicated this blog to them too :)^-^

  4. Stumbled upon your blog. Saw your kids in action. You have trained them well. They will turn up to be great young adults. Happy Belated Mother's Day.

    1. Hi Sandra, thank you and thanks for dropping by.


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