Monday 27 October 2014

Pumpkin ondeh-ondeh

It's been a very long time since my last homemade ondeh-ondeh.  Occasionally we would buy some from the bakeries or the food market but those were the usual green ones (pandan flavour). I have not seen pumpkin ondeh-ondeh. Seeing those delicious pumpkin ondeh-ondeh posts by some blogger pals like Kimmy from Cooking PleasureJozelyn of Spice Up My KitchenEileen's Diary & Cheryl from Baking Taitai (just to name a few) shared in LTU - Theme Pumpkin really made me drool over these cute little sweet balls. Here's making some to satisfy my craving ... and zoomed in using the recipe shared by Jozelyn's pumpkin ondeh-ondeh (Thanks Jozelyn)

Pumpkin ondeh-ondeh
Ingredients A
Half coconut - shredded/freshly grated coconut
Pinch of salt

Ingredients B
105 glutinous rice flour
15g wheat starch
60g pumpkin puree (without skin, steamed and mashed with the back of spoon)
50ml plain water (I adjusted to 65ml of water as I find the dough is quite dry)

Ingredients C
Some chopped Gula Melaka/Palm Sugar

1)   Mix salt evenly with the shredded coconut, spread in a heatproof plate, steam for 5 minutes, leave to cool.

2)   Mix glutinous rice flour and wheat flour evenly, add in pumpkin puree, mix evenly. Add in plain water a little bit at a time, knead to form a dough.

3)  Divide the dough into small round ball, wrap in some chopped palm sugar.

4)   Put (3) into boiled water and cooked until the ondeh-ondeh floated (once it float, continue to cook for another 2-3 minutes for the palm sugar to dissolve). Transfer the ondeh-ondeh into a bowl of cold water.

5)  Drain the water, coat the ondeh-ondeh with shredded coconut and serve.

I love the 'pich' ... a faint sound of the melted palm sugar oozed out in the mouth when bite it ! Ha ha ... munch munch chewy chewy little sweet balls. Enjoy ^-^!

Have a pleasant week !

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  1. Hi Karen, this little sweet treats is my fav since young, simply like the gula melaka melted in mouth.

    1. Eileen, oh yes, I remembered my late mom made a lot of kuehs ... and these ondeh-ondeh is my favourite too !

  2. Hi Karen, I always enjoy this snack. Yours look soooo mouthwatering!
    I've already bought all the ingredients. Will try making this soon too. Meanwhile, pass 3 over please? :)

    1. Hi LY, thanks. Looking forward to your sharing of ondeh-ondeh ^-^.
      3 not enough lah ... 1 dozen ... hee hee lol

  3. l like the look of this, but i am not a pumpkin fan. Sigh.

  4. Hahaha Karen, without trying you never know, leh...Now you probably can understand what I meant about the filling inside my mouth when eating ondeh-ondeh. Did you double the portion? This portion is not enough for me. BTW, I made pandan ondeh-ondeh yesterday [80 pieces], shared and finished.

    1. Hi Kimmy, I remembered that when I was a child, eating ondeh-ondeh must cover my mouth with my hands ... else the palm sugar juice will 'fly' out .. hee hee. Glutinous rice or snacks made with glutinous rice flour are my favourite but sadly I can't eat too much due to indigestion. Had cut down alot in recent years but could only enjoy small quantity occasionally.

  5. Karen!, who can resist this yummy little sweet?
    Oh, i am drooling now....

  6. Karen, yum! yum! I am imagining chewing into your pumpkin ondeh-ondeh with lots of extra grated coconut LOL!

  7. Ondeh Ondeh is one of my favourite kuih/snack!! I'm pleased to know that instead of just using the sweet potato, we can used pumpkin too! Love the golden colour of your ondeh ondeh!!

  8. I like this kueh but no more gula Melaka at home .. Need to restock before I make any.
    Seeing those you make, I am craving for this now :)

  9. This is still on my to-do-list...oh gosh how I wish I can eat some now :)


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