Wednesday 29 October 2014

Pumpkin Japanese Curry Rice

I used to keep some packets of Japanese curry roux for some quick and easy weeknight dinner. I remembered when I made the Baked Japanese Curry Rice about 3 months ago, I added some pumpkin to it. So here's a quick fix non-baked version ... simply pour the cooked curry onto the plate of cooked rice!

Pumpkin Japanese Curry Rice
Serves 2 persons
120g chicken fillet,  clean and cut into bite size
120g pumpkin,  deseeded and diced
Some broccoli floret
Some finely chopped garlic
1 tablespoon cooking oil
Some water (about 150 - 200ml)
1 packet Japanese curry roux (200g per pack)
1 *cup cooked Japanese rice (*per rice cooker measurement cup)

1) Heat wok/pan with medium flame,  add cooking oil.
2) Saute the minced garlic (about 1 min).
3) Add in the chicken meat and stir-fry about 3 minutes.
4) Add the diced pumpkin and broccoli. Continue stir-fry for another 3 - 4 minutes with some added water.
5) Pour in the Japanese curry roux. Cook for another 4 minutes, ensure the curry roux is fully dissolved. Stirring occasionally and off the flame when it boiled.

Adjust the thickness of the sauce and taste to your preference.

Okay dinner is ready and let's tuck-in !
Ha ha ! Luckily my girl didn’t complain "pumpkin again?!" .... In fact she liked it and polished clean this big plate of Pumpkin Japanese Curry Rice ^-^!

Have a pleasant week !

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  1. Hi Karen, so pity to your little girl, need to accommodate with this pumpkin month, hi hi

  2. Karen, how is the taste of this Japanese Curry pack? spicy or sweet?

    1. Grace, it's taste slightly more spicy but we preferred. There's a milder grade and tasted sweeter. Got from Daiso.

  3. I think the LTU Pumpkin month is indeed a many choices of cakes, kuih and dishes to select from. And to those pumpkin lovers, they are sure to be pleased, right? And why not, pumpkin is so healthy.

  4. This is simple yet delicious dish. 很适合我! :)

  5. 这个会很鲜甜的感觉哦。因为有南瓜也。

  6. Karen, pumpkin curry is delicious. This is one very convenient way of doing it. I think many of our families are "suffering" from overdose of pumpkin LOL!

    1. Ha haa ! Ya ... my girl once said "I'm like a walking pumpkin in the house" ! Ha ha ...

  7. Karen,
    Luckily my baby doesn't complain about pumpkin, cos I always add a big chunk of pumpkin in her baby food. Your japanese curry rice with pumpkin will be great for a cold autumn day, thanks for sharing!


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