Friday, 2 May 2014

Oven Grilled Pineapple

Actually, I don't like to eat raw / fresh pineapple like any fruits.  The 'acidity' attack / numb and itchy feeling on my tongue after eating pineapple really gets the nerves in me. I tried many times since young to adulthood ... still the aftermath of 'pineapple attack' on my tongue was terrible. I have no problem with cooked pineapple for dishes like Thai pineapple fried rice, sweet sour pork, pineapple tarts or even canned pineapple soaked in syrup etc. So I have refrained myself from eating raw pineapple.

I left with 1 honey pineapple in the fridge. Hmm ... what shall I do with it ? Since I have made BBQ Orange Parcels,  think I could make something similar with pineapple. As I'm really quite tired after a day's work, I wanted something quick and easy ... just right for our after meal dessert.

Oven Grilled Pineapple slices.
Place the slices on aluminium foil
Drizzle some honey
Sprinkle some cinnamon powder (about 1 tablespoon)
Pre-heat oven 180 degC and grilled about 10 to 15 mins.

Every warm bite has this sweet woody cinnamon fragrance in honey tangy juicy pineapple... really yummy ... my big kids like it .. me too ^-^ !


  1. Hi Karen! This sounds like a delicious idea . I usually rub salt on the pineapple to take away the sting. The acid is really strong and once time I tongue actually bled!

  2. Hi Phong Hong, oh you have this 'acid' attack too ... I ever tried rub it with salt still won't work.


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