Saturday 6 September 2014

Assorted moontarts (Walnut & Custard)

Can't get enough of the mini baked custard mooncakes ... simply love it.  Since I'm baking some Walnut moontarts for my sisters, I would like to share these really delicious custard mooncakes with them also. So here's the 2 types moontarts and mini snowskin mooncakes for them.

Walnut moontarts - I added some pine nuts to the pure lotus paste filling.
Dough : 30g each
Lotus Paste : 20g each
Refer and click this link for: walnut moontart

Mini baked custard mooncake - I used the Walnut moontarts pastry dough. Decor with some pumpkin seeds.
Dough : 25g each
Custard Paste : 15g each
Refer and click this link for: mini baked custard mooncakes

Mini snowskin mooncakes - added some sunflower seeds to the lotus paste.
Snowskin dough : 25g each
Lotus Paste : 20g each
Refer and click this link for : mini snowskin mooncakes

Wishing all my friends and family :
Happy & Blessed Mid Autumn Festive Season
祝您和家人, 中秋佳节愉快!

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  1. Hi Karen, your are very hardworking. Making these lovely mooncakes. This year I'm quite lazy though. My mom has received many mooncakes from relatives and friends this year so I make less.

  2. Looks like you had make pretty on these moon cake,bravo!
    Happy Mid Autumn Festival,Karen

  3. Wooo...oow!!! Wow....lots of various type of mooncakes you have made! Can Ibe your sister too? Happy Mid-Autumn Festival to you n your family.

  4. Hi Karen, Are you having a mooncake party? :D Wish I can join you, so I can taste your yummy mooncakes!

  5. looks like you are having fun and enjoy making mooncakes :D happy mid autumn festival to you!

  6. Hi Karen, lot of mooncakes you have made! Happy Mid Autumn Festival to you and family!

  7. Your custard mooncake looks so well done. I have yet to master this.

  8. Hi Karen! Bravo to you for churning out more mooncakes!

  9. Hi Karen, Happy Mid-Autumn Festival to you. All these moontarts are well done.


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